Into The Blue


As I flick through the pages my eye is caught
By a full bleed of yellow-green and blue.
I look closer and see the
Wisps of hair sneak away from her plait,
Ripple joyfully on the back of the wind,
As she hands her pickings from the fields
To the man with the grey-flecked beard.
Together they inspect their treasure
Of wild foods; spinach, fennel, hibiscus.
Glad their work is over, they pause a moment;
Feel the salty breeze graze their cheeks
Hear the murmur of the tall grass as it stirs.
Does she know what she has here?

If I were her I'd revel in the wild quiet.
'Go on ahead,' I'd say to the man
Then sit and watch the ocean breathe
Pull in, rush out.
The grass teases my feet
And I hug it with my toes.
The sky is wide and open.
I sit and I breathe
Pull in, rush out.